Adhesive Cushion - Tinnie Seat


Adhesive Cushion - Tinnie Seat

EVA45 Grey Embossed one side with Marine PSA (Peel off sticking tape) on the other side (Self-Adhesive).  Soft enough to use as a cushion, emergency fender or a throw overboard emergency floatation to someone in the water until you can get a lifebuoy to them.

Ideal in an aluminium dinghy or where the cold under seat is a concern.  Alternatively,  people often use them under paddle boards, or surf boards as insulation and protection of the cabin top.

Colour is Grey.

500mm Length x 240mm Width x 22mm Depth

How to Apply:

  • Surface should be clean, dry, flat, and free of polish or wax.

  • Peel off the backing and place.

  • Apply Pressure after laying and repeat this pressure several times within hours of application.

  • Apply in shaded areas or indoors, not in sunlight or high temperatures.