Altex Coastal Copper Antifouling Paint


Coastal Copper is an Ablative antifouling. This means that it falls off as fouling organisms attach to it over time thus inhibiting their growth. Being a soft ablative antifoul it is best suited for vessels travelling at speeds around 10-12 knots.

This antifoul is designed for both yachts and launches where an economically priced antifouling is required. This antifoul is harder than Altex Number 5 and therefore is ideal for vessels that experience slightly higher than normal wear.

It provides 18 months of protection from two coats, the coats being approximately 75 microns thick each.

How much paint you need can be worked out by Calculating the surface area in square meters of the hull below the waterline and dividing that number by 6. That will give you the number of litres for a single coat. Then double this number to get the total needed to apply the 2 coats required.

It may be applied using brushes, rollers or it may be sprayed on.

This Antifoul comes in 4L single component containers and has a shelf life of 12 months. Colours available are Red, Black and Blue.

Please note, being a copper based antifoul this product is NOT suitable for Aluminium boats as it will eat away the aluminium through electrolysis. For all other vessels this antifoul is a good solution.

This antifoul has been used in New Zealand and greater Pacific waters for over 20 years and has consistently provided affordable and predictable protection from marine growth.