BEP 8 Switch panel Vertical

BEP 8 Switch panel Vertical

$368.50 NZD

BEP 901V Circuit Breaker Panel 8-Way 12v Vertical

The most visible part of your electrical system is the switch panel. Sitting alongside the latest GPS, Radar and other electronics, switch panels can quickly make your chart table and dashboard look dated. The BEP range of switch panels make your electrics as advanced as your electronics.


High quality CARLINGSWITCH circuit breakers

Each breaker has an “On” indicating LED

Labels are backlit with green LEDs

Labels are interchangeable (over 500 available)

Contoured front facia prevents accidental breaker switching/breakage

Fully pre-wired (with copper bus bars) for easy installation

Supplied with negative bus bar


  • 8 Way Breaker Panel

  • 12v DC

  • Breakers: 2x5A, 2x10A, 3x15A, 1x20A

  • Dimensions: 200 x 127 x 65mm

  • Label sets and buss bar supplied

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