Childs Inflatable Lifejacket Auto with Harness



The Alpha gas inflation lifejacket offers affordable safety for children and makes boating more fun.

Children find this jacket comfortable to wear as it does not restrict their movement unlike bulky foam jackets. It features a compact design, low weight and high quality construction.

The Alpha features one chamber which is inflated automatically by water immersion or manually by pulling the activation tab. The inflation bladder, which is manufactured from High Visibility Yellow fabric, is folded into a nylon red valise with Velcro closure and silver ending.
It is also equipped with Lalizas retro reflective tapes and whistle. They are provided with lifting loop and heavy duty D- ring for easier rescue.

ISO approved jacket is designed for general application or for use with full weather clothing.
They will turn an unconscious person to a safe position and require no subsequent action by the user to maintain this position.
The Alpha Child Lifejacket belongs to the 150NT category and it is combined with the 22 gram cylinder conforms to ISO 12402-3 regulations.