Digitech 5w VHF



You should never head out to sea without a VHF radio. If you plan on doing a bit of sailboat racing, the club rules will probably make a VHF radio compulsory on-board equipment. This powerful 5W hand-held transceiver gives you coverage of all international VHF marine channels. Though not completely submersible, the housing is compact and splash proof, specially designed to endure the usual rigours of boating. The antenna is detachable so units can be connected to a larger antenna mounted on a boat. Includes Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack, AC adaptor, charging cradle, and belt clip. 

• 1W/5W switchable output power

• Backlit LCD

• Dual and triple watch function

• Channel scan function

• One-touch emergency channel 16

• Auto power saver mode

Note: The USB charging socket requires 12V, standard 5V USB power supplies will not suit.