Dometic Cool Ice Iceboxes


Cool-Ice rotomoulded iceboxes are lightweight, and easy to handle where power is not available. Absolutely the best looking, best built and best value for money rotomoulded iceboxes available.

Thick polyurethane refrigeration grade foam insulation makes Cool-Ice boxes designed for optimal performance / weight / volume balance.

Ice can last from 3 to 10 days depending on usage pattern, ambient temperature, type of ice used, and ratio of ice to goods being kept.

Key benefits

  • Extremely low heat absorption for long lasting ice

  • Lightweight, hygienic and easy to clean

  • Strong ergonomic polyethylene handles (42L and up)

  • Integrated polyethylene feet and large diameter drain plug

  • Strong, seamless, UV stabilised/food grade polyethylene CFC free construction

  • Largest service network and 5 year warranty Australia wide

  • *Ice will last 3-10 days depending on usage and conditions.


13L          W388 x H305 x D245 mm          2.8kg                         Carry Strap

22L          W388 x H313 x D360 mm          4.2kg                         Carry Strap

33L          W420 x H440 x D360 mm          6.1kg                         Carry Strap

42L          W640 x H355 x D418 mm           8.7kg

55L          W570 x H432 x D515 mm          10.6kg

70L          W690 x H432 x D515 mm          11.8kg

86L          W840 x H432 x D525 mm          14.0kg

86L          W835 x H435 x D495 mm         13.5 kg (wheels)        Old Model

111L         W1050 x H440 x D510 mm        15.7kg                         Old Model