Dorado box vent



Perfect ventilation on board is indispensable to your comfort and contributes to the extended lifetime of your cabin equipment (cushions, cooker, lifejackets...) which are often damaged by humidity and mildew.

Hence an essential question: how can you ensure a permanent ventilation while keeping your boat totally safe and absolutely free from any water intrusion ?

The "Cool'n Dry" dorade box is the answer : its exclusive patented system provides constant ventilation inside the boat, even in very bad weather conditions.

• Continuous ventilation: when sailing, on a mooring or wintering, the dorade box remains constantly open.

• No water entry, thanks to the exclusive shut-off system, which closes automatically in the event of a heavy rain or very strong wave.

• Manual closing by simple finger pressure.

• Rugged, weatherproof construction: soft PVC vent and ABS dorade box, both UV-treated.