Ecogreen Septic System Odour Control



This product will leave the system cleaner, clear of potential blockages, free flowing and smelling fresher.

Product Benefits:

• Reduces waste, odours & blockages

• Prevents clogged drains

• Leaves system clean, clear, free-flowing & smelling fresher

• Helps maintain plumbing

• Active biological product

• Continues to work after dosage

• Balances septic system

How does Ecogreen Septic System Odour Control Work?

Unpleasant odours in toilets and septic systems develop when there is an imbalance between the amount of waste and the quantity and type of bacteria which work naturally to digest the waste.

Waste material within a toilet system is a food source for unwanted micro-organisms and is metabolised into odour causing material. Ecogreen Septic System Odour Control is not a mere masking agent or deodoriser; it is a pro-biotic beneficial bacterial product which, based on our exclusive biotechnology, targets the source of the problem.

These beneficial bacteria produce enzymes which seize upon the waste cells, breaking them down into less complex compounds in a completely natural process.

The beneficial bacteria then feed upon these smaller waste compounds and the residue they produce, digesting them until they are depleted, resulting in reduced waste and odours

Directions for use:

For a standard septic system, dose the system with approx. 150ml per week. During long periods of high temperatures, additional dosing may be required.