Epoxy Carborundum Norski

Norski Epoxy Carborundum

$116.44 NZD


A highly filled Epoxy system for use as a hard wearing surface with good abrasion and long term RESISTANCE TO SEAWATER AND FRESH WATER immersion.

Used as a protective coating on the bottom of boats such as kayaks, jet boats and any boat which is run on to the beach. Can be applied to the sides of boats where gear is pulled aboard like cray pots.

Also makes an ideal nonskid surface on decks, stairways and any area that is wet and slippery.

Popular with jet boats a 750ml pack can cover the vee of the bow and for a patch 50mm wide either side of the centre line. Start 800mm below the water line and work up to approximately 250mm above the water line.

Colour white with flecks or black chips.

Being epoxy based clean up using Epoxy Thinners.

Part Numbers

750ml 26912,

1.5L 26913

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