Evert Fresh Bags - Keeps food fresh. (size medium only available)


A boatNZ best seller, and favourite of cruising yachties.

Scientists were searching for ways to prolong the freshness of produce for Antartic exploration. In their research, they became aware of a region in Japan that was known for preserving food.

Farmers in the region had been warehousing produce in mountain caves with amazing results.

It was discovered the mountains were made of a clay called oya, the oya absorbed ethelene gas produced by fruits and vegetables as they matured.

Evert-Fresh bags combine space age technology, with this thousand year old knowledge to produce a bag which stores fruit perfectly.

Though picture shows the option of 3 sizes, currently we can only obtain size Medium, 1 pack of medium will be supplied.

A pack contains 10 bags - each can be used up to 8 times without losing lifespan.

Used by NASA! Talk about gold standard.