Fusion Media Center 650



Introducing the FUSION 650 Entertainment System

Two configurations availible:

Internal, water resistant UNI-Dock for safe charging and playback of the latest Apple iOS andAndroid/Windows media devices. The unidock is a rubberized tray with a USB plug, meaning you can connect any suitible android/iOS media device.


Internal CD/DVD drive with electronic shock protection. Perfect for the all in one media centre.


Both feature:

Widescreen optically bonded LCD display - optimized for day time viewing.

Bluetooth A2DP audio streaming capabilities, Pandora radio and FUSION-Link NMEA 2000 connectivity make the 650 series an all-in-one and purpose-built solution for entertaining on the high seas.

Download the free fusion app to turn your smartphone into a bluetooth remote.

Control up to 4 different speaker zones from the one unit, making this a true entertainment system.