James Nillson C Series Anchor Winch


A simple, well priced vertical drum winch. The small winch weighs 5kg, mdm 7 kg, large 8kg small enough to fit in tight spaces.

The C400 has all the power and speed required for anchor, craypot or longline recovery.

Constant recovery speed 24m/minute=C400, 18m/min=C800, 39m/min=HSC400

The drum is high tensile cp bronze with an oversized European motor.

More details to be found on the James Nillson webpage - http://www.jamesnilsson.com/capstans/anchor___pot_hauling/c800

Adapts to any deck thickness and comes with bolts to suit average. In general the small suits trailerable craft to 7m, mdm to 10m and large 10-15m and has a remarkable low battery drain. Full colour brochure available.

Please enquire if specifics details are required.