LED lifebuoy light with bracket (our most reliable unit)


A rugged yet extremely compact SOLAS approved low profile man overboard lifebuoy light designed to automatically activate when deployed.

The great thing about this unit is that it is activated by  both methods, one, it has to be in water, two, it has to be upright.  So if it gets saturated by rain or waves and it isn't floating upright, because it is stored in its bracket on the boat) it will not mistakenly activate.  It won't waste its battery, if it gets knocked out of it's bracket, it won't activate without being in the water upright.

The light is powered by a sealed CR123 lithium battery ensuring zero maintenance and long storage life over a wide range of weather conditions for four years.

The bright omni-directional high intensity 2 candela light is designed to self activate and operate for at least eight hours when righted and immersed in water.

The light is supplied complete with a tough easy mount bracket and rope lanyard for easy lifebuoy attachment.

The outer body and mounting clip are manufactured from U.V. resistant polycarbonate providing strength and a long product life.

Weighing only 180 grams this lifebuoy light is approved to SOLAS, MSC81.(70) and ISO24408:2005 regulations and manufactured to ISO standard.


• Automatic actuation when light is righted and sensor contacts freshwater or saltwater

• Bright flashing light of 2 candela intensity visible in all directions of the upper hemisphere

• Lithium 4 year expiry non replacement battery exceeding eight hour operation time

• Easy fit mount bracket • Lifebuoy lanyard supplied

• IMO SOLAS standards certification