LED Navigation Lights Port Starboard Pair


These new side mount navigation lights give fully approved illumination when mounted on the vertical surface.

Terrific modern sleek look, just 34mm proud (depth) x 60mm Long x 46mm High (vertical)  andrated for craft to 12m.

Low profile means they suit the modern craft and at the same time are not obtrusive for use on traditional boats.  Single point fastening (supplied) water proof and non magnetic. From the FOS LED series Port & Starboard light set.  Accepts 12 -  15 volt and only .5w draw.

For vessels up to 12m
Visible distance: 1 nm
12-15 V DC & 0.5W
Red & Green LED light
Designed for mounting on a vertical surface (cabin side or pulpit) Side Mounted
LED rated for 50.000 hours. Waterproof, non-corrosive, non-magnetic
1. Screws DIN7981 / ISO 7049 M3.5x32mm
2. Wire length 0.6m
3. Double-side adhesive sticker that can be used as drilling template
Weight: 60gr/pc