Lifebuoy Light - LED


Lifebuoy Light - LED Lifebuoy Light - LED Auto-ignition floating lifebout light with overturning switch in constant activity.

Power Supply: 1 Alkaline battery type D - (Not Supplied). Luminance: 2 cd. Type of Light: High Emission LED, blinking frequency 60 impulses per minute. Bouyancy: the dome floats at 7cm over the water surface. Battery's life: see the expiring date on the battery's label Materials: housing made of plastic material. Electrical connectors inside are made of stainless steel. Overall dimensions: 160 x 80 x 80mm Weight: 90g without battery. Device Homologated following the european Normative LSA CODE MSC 48(66) RESOLUTION MSC 81(70)/ MSC 200(80).

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