Maxwell Tasman Drum Winch

$1,850.00 $2,149.55

The Tasman Drum Winch, made in New Zealand by Maxwell, begins a new generation of drum winch.

It shares a powerful 1000W motor with the well-known Maxwell RC8 winch. This is IP66 rated, which means it can take the heavy rain and wave action of your fore deck.

Each mount bracket and the motor can rotate independently. The Tasman winch can therefore be mounted in many locations very easily which other drum winches may not be able to access.

The Tasman drum winch has the advantage of an emergency free-fall release, simply by removing a key.

This winch comes pre-spooled with your choice of rope and chain; Either 100m of 8mm anchor braid and 10m of galvanised 8mm chain, or 150m of 6mm braid and 10m of 6mm galvanised chain. Also included is a genuine Maxwell circuit breaker, up/down control switch and solenoid.

Available in 12V and 24V.

Product Details

  • Haulage Speed: 60M/min (max, w/full drum) 13M/min (minimum, w/ 1 layer on drum)

  • Pulling Force: 1000kg w/ one layer one drum, 350kg with a full drum

  • Weight: 31KG (w/ 6mm rope/chain) or 37kg (w/ 8mm rope/chain)

  •  400mm maximum width

  • Height and depth varies depending on motor position