Murray Sheet Winch Round Base with Top Cleat Minor


Murray Sheet Winch Round Base with Top Cleat Minor M.W.4 Round base top cleat Bronze, 5kg, drum 70mm, base diameter 140mm height 114mm, handle radius 381mm.

The Murray Winch, made only in New Zealand, has been the choice of demanding offshore cruising sailors for more than thirty-five years. Murray Winches are rugged, long lasting & easy to maintain.

Their massive bronze castings & traditional bottom handle make them handsome as well as practical additions to any cruising boat.

The handle doesn't have to be removed while taking lines on & off winch. Set your handles when you set sail, no more handles lost overboard. Simply pulls apart with only a screw driver & you won't have hundreds of parts all over your deck. You don't need an engineering degree to put it back either.