RFD Catalyst Inflatable Life Jacket.

RFD Catalyst Inflatable Life Jacket.

$273.37 NZD

RFD Catalyst Inflatable Life Jacket.

This jacket is designed to be worn for any type of boating activity: fishing, launches, keelers, etc

It looks and feels like a normal boating jacket, but features integral inflatable air bladders that, once inflated, will give you the same buoyancy as a standard buoyancy vest.

Colours Blue or Red

The jacket has an easy-to-inflate pull cord, for instant inflation from the replaceable CO2 canister. It also has an oral topping up tube.

Five Adult sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL for every shape and every size. Sizing is quite generous allowing
for inflation and extra clothing. Indicative chest sizes are:
S: 90 to 100cm
M: 100 to 110cm
L: 110 to 120cm
XL: 120 to 130cm
XXL: 130 to 150cm
Price is the same irrespective of size.
(Please indicate required size when ordering)

  • Zip off sleeves for year round wearability

  • Duro-Mesh vented lining for comfort

  • Breathable and water-resistant Micro-fibre outer fabric

  • Breathable nylon taffeta lining

  • Sleeves with velcro cuffs

  • Hi-Viz fold- away rain hood

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