SafehaNZ Kids Life Jacket


SafehaNZ Kids Life Jacket

Neoprene Life Jacket with zip off buoyancy collar.

SafehaNZ life jacket is unique in the world. Designed by New Zealanders for New Zealanders, the SafehaNZ life jacket features neoprene construction with strong stitching. Neoprene jackets are more comfortable to wear, last longer, and provide thermal warmth for the wearer.

But the greatest feature which makes our jackets unique in the world, is the zip off buoyancy collar. The jacket can be used as a water sports vest without the collar for a greater range of movement, and then zipped on for added buoyancy while enjoying boating activities.

The jacket also features side gussets which allows for greater freedom of movement while paddling or kayaking.
The SafehaNZ life jacket is truly diverse for a greater range of water activities – a 3 in 1 jacket!

Made to ISO12402 international standards accepted by Maritime NZ.