SeaBung - change your ball valves at sea! (2 pack)


More often we sadly neglect the maintenance of our skin fittings due to the time and expense involved. Appearances can be deceptive, and what we perceive to be a clean and effective seacock could be a dangerously corroded accident waiting to happen.

Underwater fitting failure is responsible for 50% of moored boat sinkage.

Such a small piece of kit as a seacock or hose can be responsible for huge amount of damage: even if a vessel has only been submerged for a short period of time the cost of repair is usually 40% of the value of the boat.

Using hi-tech materials and revolutionary design, Seabung introduces a quick and simple way to schedule this critical job into your routine safety checks.

Seabung is also an essential emergency device, outperforming the traditional wooden bung in speed, ease of use and permanence of application.

Seabung is proudly designed in Bristol and manufactured in Rutland. Seabung is CE certified. Each pack of two Seabungs is supplied in diameters of 60 and 90mm.

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