Jabsco Shower Drain Pump



A quiet running, corrosion resistant shower and sink drain pump from Jabsco designed for a longer life than most.

The diaphragm design allows extended run time when dry, will self prime and resist blockages common with impeller style pumps.

13 lpm flow rate with a 1m head.

    • Quiet running

    • Ignition protected

    • Large coil rod bearing for longer life

    • 720 LPH

    • Self primming to 2m

    • 19mm hose tails

    • Run dry capability

    • Supplied with 19mm in life filter

Connects to 19mm (3/4") hosing. Available in 12 or 24V.

12V (14010) Jabsco part #37202-2012

24V (14011) Jabsco part #37202-2024