Single Pulley Block (Lewmar) 4 sizes


Lewmar's Syncro range of pulleys.

Stainless steel strap takes the load while polycarbonate cheeks protect the deck. Hard working, well proven blocks constructed from the best materials available for the marine environment.

Reliable plain bearing sheaves are UV stabilized for longer life.  With the bushing incorporated into the sheave they run for considerably longer than normal plain bearing pulleys.

Syncro blocks feature the universal head to enable the shackle to be fixed in line, at 90 degrees or swivel through 360 degrees.

Calculations are based upon the average modern cruising yacht. Sail area, different rigs, heavy or light displacement, multi- hull or monohull, are all factors.

Accepted rope diameters:

    • 50mm diameter sheave accepts 6-8mm dia rope - safe working load 450kg
    • 60mm diameter sheave accepts 8-10mm dia rope - safe working load 800kg
    • 72mm diameter sheave accepts 10-12mm dia rope - safe working load 1100kg
    • 90mm diameter sheave accepts 12-14mm dia rope - safe working load 2000kg