Thermal Protective Aid (TPA)


Hypothermia is a deadly cause which can set in very quickly in remote environments. One effective way to prevent the risk of hypothermia is to use the Thermal Protective Aid (TPA).

The TPA thermal protective aid is made out of a aluminized polyethylene suit with heat sealed seams that will protect humans from temperatures ranged between -30°C and +20°C and reduces both evaporative and convective heat loss in the users body. The protective aid comes in a bright international orange colour which ensures that user can been visible in any weather conditions. This one size fits all suit allows it to fit anyone who needs to use it while also giving it movement around the arm and legs with any bulky clothing or life jackets still on the body. The TPA only weighs 7 ounces (200 grams) and comes in a compact packing seam which enables the user to stow it away in small compartments on life rafts. The TPA can be easily removed from the packaging and put it on without any assistance. The aid shouldn't be used in the water and should be removed if entered into the water but if the user does happen to enter the water with the TPA on it is easy to be removed quickly.