Trim Tab Bennett M80/M120 Sport Tab kit


These Quality American Made Bennett Sport Tab Kits come in 2 sizes M80 8 x 10" (200 x 250mm) or M120 10 x 12" and with the choice of the euro rocker std control switch or EIC control switch which has indicator light to advise where the tabs are sitting.

While the units listed are ATR (automatic tab return)- so when you switch off it raises the tabs. - there is a further option of electronic indicator control (you can see this model switch indicator panel in the picture) - the standard units come with conventional rocker switch panel.  

Based on average performance the M80 tabs will typically suit boats to 20' or 6 meters the M120 tabs up to 25' or 7.5 meters

Your choice may vary based on power, engine configuration, weight distribution, type of boat, and use. The greater the surface area, angle of deflection and/or speed of the water flowing under the trim tab, the greater the lift. Contact us - we can help.

When making a choice between trim tab sizes, remember that the largest trim tabs that will comfortably fit on the transom will be the most efficient.

If you are unsure or require Tabs for a larger Boat please contact us with your boat details and we will be happy to quote a suitable system.

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Features & Benefits 

    • Unique batwing design provides 30% more lift than conventional trim tabs. Space-saving design will fit virtually any transom.
    • Get on plane fast, and stay on plane at intermediate speeds
    • Correct listing and uneven loads
    • Reduce pounding and eliminate porpoising
    • Increase speed
    • improve visibility and safety
    • Improve fuel efficiency
    • Precise and accurate control
    • Low maintenance with long-term value
  • Easy to service

Items Included in Sets

    • (1) Control unit (or combo) including wiring
    • (1) Hardware Bag
  •          (1) 20′ Hydraulic Tubing

Set Options & Tab Sizes

    • (M80)  M80 Sport Tab System
    • (M120) M120 Sport Tab System
    • (M80EIC) M80 Sport Tabs with Electronic Indicator Control
    • (M120EIC) M120 Sport Tabs with Electronic Indicator Control

Recommended Boat Types

    • Flats Boats
    • Center Consoles
    • Trailered Boats
    • Cuddy Cabins
    • Dual Consoles
    • Deck Boats
    • Bowriders
    • Bass Boats
    • Walkarounds
    • Runabouts & Ribs
  • Cruisers, Sportfish