Wetsuit Sneaker Shoe ALL SIZES


The easy-fit Wetsuit Sneaker is perfect for boating, diving and a wide range of other water activities. Its Velcro strap ensures good support, and its supple, rubber-compound sole allows for a more fluid contact with the surface, increasing traction and flexibility. The Wetsuit Sneaker is designed to protect and keep your feet warm.

They incorporate an anti-skid base, that adds to the firmness and shape of the shoe itself.  We have many clients involved with barnacle covered rocks, launching boats,  dragging kayaks over hard surfaces and of course sailing, all of which these lend themselves to.  

One of the most important features is the simple addition of a velcro covered strap that secures your foot within the soft confines of the shoe, making it ideal if walking across sticky type surfaces such as muddy estuaries, where conventional styles will simply pull off and stay in the mud.


    • Supple Rubber-compound Sole for Traction and Flexibility
    • Water-dispersing Corrugated Tread to Reduce Aquaplaning
    • Soft Neoprene Upper for Insulation and Comfort
    • Heel and Front Panel Reinforcement for Hiking
    • Velcro Strap Ensures Good Support
    • Slip-on Design