Whisky Glass - Unbreakable

$14.95 NZD

They say you get two loves in life, mine are sailing, and whisky - with these unbreakable glasses I can now enjoy them together.

These glasses are the nicest unbreakable glasses we have ever come across, a nice fine lip and a pleasant weight makes it feel like you are drinking from glass. Constructed of high grade polycarbonate, these glasses are visually indistinguishable from true glass, but without the nasty smashing tendencies.

Handy non-slip base to prevent the glass from sliding around.

Base is a light green colour, which in glow in the dark - so you can still keep an eye on your glass even in the twilight hours.


No-slip base functions as a coaster

3" height, approximately

Holds 285 ml/9.6 oz

Dishwasher and Freezer safe.

Glows in the dark


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