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Recessed Fire Extinguisher Box

Recessed Fire Extinguisher Box

Safety equipment is essential on all boats, and needs to be easily accessible.

However, this can result in items looking out of place or being in the way, which deters boaties from having their safety gear at the ready.

Our answer to this problem is flush-mounted storage.

We recently brought in recessed fire extinguisher boxes by an Italian company. These boxes are designed to be recessed into the cockpit or dashboard on boats, but are also appropriate to install in walls in the home or workplace. The boxes also serve as protection for fire extinguishers, which otherwise can easily get knocked around when in a high-traffic placement. The door of the box is transparent, allowing clear vision of its contents.

These boxes are fully hinged, have a clip-lock closure, and are made from quality UV stabilised white ASA plastic with smooth gloss finish.

Two sizes are available, suiting 1kg and 1.5kg fire extinguishers.

The boxes alone can be bought separately from the extinguishers. However, if you wish to buy a box and an extinguisher, we are offering a 25% discount off the total price of the two products.

  • 1kg (box only) – $93.80
  • 1kg (box + extinguisher) – $106.60
  • 1.5kg (box only) – $117.34
  • 1.5kg (box + extinguisher) – $154.11

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