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Vetus Roll-Up Inflatable Dinghy – 2.3m

Vetus Roll-Up Inflatable Dinghy – 2.3m

We’re excited to introduce the Vetus Roll-Up Inflatable Dinghy!

Vetus – a Dutch company well known for their excellent water locks, mufflersexhaust systems and comprehensive range of high quality chandlery – have recently introduced the 2.3m Roll-Up Inflatable Dinghy.

This dinghy features a non-slip, slatted, aluminium floor, which is removable, and adds to the convenience of this inflatable craft. The whole boat can be deflated and rolled up (and the aluminium floor folded) for trouble-free transport and storage.

Using materials and accessories of high caliber, Vetus has designed this dinghy for “optimum durability, usability and performance”. Supporting up to a 5hp outboard, the design of this boat allows for smooth planing, comfort, and stability.

With sturdy handles, this dinghy is unique for having ten accessible grasp points, making it easy and safe to carry. Also differentiating this dinghy from others are the davit lifting points for hoisting the boat vertically from the water.

Oars, bellows, repair kit and a carry bag are all included.

See the Vetus 2.3m Roll-Up Inflatable Dinghy in store!

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