Inspection Port Deck Plate stainless #316 ( 4 sizes)


Stainless Steel Inspection Port Deck Plate

These stainless steel deck plates are heavy duty and provide immediate access for deck, tanks or compartments, with a rubber O-Ring to help provide an excellent screw thread seal.

constructed of cast solid stainless steel, ideal for access to emergency steering or where heavy articles are going to be dragged across the surface. Also suitable for access to a chain locker so you can disconnect the chain and stow the anchor.

Two holes conveniently located in the lid allow the user to use a punch or similar to unscrew.

These are not designed for regular access, they are normally used over steering/rudder shaft access only to be opened by the engineer or the owner where general use should not allow access. 

    • 12007F - 54mm inside diameter, 100mm, outside diameter, 50mm hole cut out.
    • 12007E - 100mm (4") inside diameter, 150mm, outside diameter, 94mm hole cut out.
    • 12007B - 125mm (5") inside diameter, 170mm outside diameter, 138mm hole cut out.
    • 12007C - 150mm (6") inside diameter, 205mm outside diameter, 165mm hole cut out.

The 54mm has 5 x 4mm countersunk fastening holes

The 100mm has 4 x 5mm countersunk fastening holes

The 125mm has 4 x 5mm countersunk fastening holes

The 150mm has 6 x 5mm countersunk fastening holes