150N Inflatable Lifejacket - Auto/Manual W/ or W/Out Harness


Where quality counts (and where doesn't it in lifesaving apparatus) this jacket is an absolute winner.

We have river fishermen who don't want a cumbersome jacket wearing these. Our offshore yachtsmen in racing situations wear these.

Our Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries ship arrival crew use these.

Our Coastguard and Helicopter Rescue personnel use them.

All these industry users have one thing in common - they are in life threatening situations and still have to work in those conditions, a full foam lifejacket does not give them the room to operate.

Ultra reliable firing mechanism and compatable with all major CO2 bottle suppliers. Twin welded air bladder for security,meets NZYF cat 1.

The manual version simply pull the tag and it inflates whilst at the same time opening the outer.

Automatic is water activated