3 Way Fuel Valve (Two Tanks)


Great for where you have twin fuel tanks and wish to have the ability to source from either at a moments notice, and supply one engine.  The  3 way fuel tank selector valve allows switching the fuel supply from one tank to another in a dual tank installation or from the main tank to the reserve tank.  Basically you choose between #1 fuel tank on one outlet or #2 fuel tank on the other outlet, while the remaining outlet is the supply line (to the filter or motor). Suitable for diesel or petrol.

Each port has 1/4" NPT internally threaded ports.  We have as an option 6 or 8 or 10mm hose tails to suit 

With this valve, you may be interested in looking at adding some of these Brass Hosetails

Forged brass.  To operate, simply pull the handle up before turning, to easily rotate to the desired position.

As pictured the flow is in through the bottom and the feed is either to the left or right outlet tank. The small arrow head end of the chrome handle points towards the tank being supplied.

85 mm x 60 mm.