8 Strand Nylon Rope - 6 sizes - 12-20mm dia


Soft on the hands but ultra strong! 8 strand nylon rope, available in diameters

10mm, 12mm , 14mm, 16mm, 18mm and 20mm

Has the durability and stretch of a nylon 3-strand, but without issues of twisting.

This nylon features shock absorbing flex and a soft grip which makes it a premium choice of anchor rope.  Particularly good where you are limited for space in your anchor locker as it curves and stowes considerably better than 3 stranded ropes, while being softer to handle.

It is ideal for anchor ropes either hand over hand or winching.

High strength 10mm diameter - approx breaking strain 2600kg

High strength 12mm diameter - approx breaking strain 3200kg

High strength 14mm diameter - approx breaking strain 4200kg

High strength 16mm diameter - approx breaking strain 5000kg

High strength 18mm diameter - approx breaking strain 6000kg

High strength 20mm diameter - approx breaking strain 7000kg

Non-buoyant, resistant to abrasion.

Price is per meter