Adjustable Jackstay Jackline Kit


With a maximum length of 12m and Stainless Steel buckles and shackles the Jackstay is tested to take a load of more than 2000kg. The Jackstay has a sewn loop at one end and an adjuster at the other end. Both ends should be attached to strong points that together will take in excess of 2 tonnes. Adjustment of the jackstay length is made by moving the webbing through the stainless steel ladder. It is important to keep the jackstay stored away from direct sunlight in a well ventilated space when not in use to prevent Ultra Violet degradation. It is also important to check that the strong points must not have any corners or sharp edges that may abrade or cut the webbing.


Stainless Steel buckles
Tested to take a load of more than 2000kg

Webbing jack-line supplied by Baltic of Sweden.

12m long, single line with two s/s slotted buckles for adjustment.  Smaller craft have one running the centre length, while larger craft normally run one down either side and you secure your safety harness to this webbing line.

You need to be able to clip your safety harness onto this Jackline from the cockpit, so you remain tethered the whole time.