360 Degree Lights Red or White - Classic - Vessel


N20 Classic all around lights suitable for boats up to 20 metres.

360 degree light - Classic S20 (black housing) available in white or Red.

This maxi series of "Classic S20" navigation lights is designed and type approved for vessels under 20m.

Made of a special compound of ABS and polycarbonate with shatterproof acrylic lens, non-magnetic stainless steel electrical contacts and a nitrile water resistant seal to provide reliable long life.

12 OR 24Volt (new version has LED bulb)

*Type Approved
*Made in Europe

RINA ELE 101608CS/002
DGMM 082/1197
MSA MNA 106/2/0167

Dimensions: 105mm (h) x 85mm x 85mm