Altex Elite 321 Brushing Polyurethane 1L & 1.25L


Elite® 321 Brushing Polyurethane is a specialised marine finish coat formulated for brush and roller application. It is based on the latest cyclo-aliphatic polyester technology, giving a high quality and durable finish coat with long lasting gloss.

Elite® 321 Brushing Polyurethane has been especially designed for both the Professional and DIY painter for maintenance repainting of all yachts, launches and other pleasure craft.

Elite® 321 Brushing Polyurethane is recommended for use on all vessel types to repaint:

Topsides, Cabins & Decks

Interiors, Masts & Fittings

Showers, Heads & Galleys

May also be utilised on a wide range of equipment and / or vehicles:

  • Horsefloats
  • Caravans
  • Campervans

Elite® 321 Brushing Polyurethane allows a competent brush painter to restore his boat to a high level of finish and performance for a fraction of the price of a professional job.

Plimsoll White - 3:1 ratio  1L pack size

Ivory White - 3:1 ratio  1L pack size

Spindrift White - 3:1 ratio  1L pack size

Galleon Grey - 3:1 ratio  1L pack size

Beacon Red - 4:1 ratio  1.25L pack size

Endless Blue - 4:1 ratio  1.25L pack size

The availability of the darker pigments has meant the darker colours (Endless blue and Beacon Red) come in industrial packing and are 421 ratio,  not 321 ratio, however the pack size is 1.25L in these two colours (because of the ratio difference).