Antifouling Altex No. 5


Altex #5 - A copper based, ablative/self polishing paint for use where multi-season fouling protection is desired. Altex NO.5 contains high levels of cuprous oxide and is an effective alternative to antifoulings with organotin compounds which are banned certain countries. With the correct preparation it can be applied over existing copper based antifouling. This antifouling is best used on yachts, tenders, dinghies, trailer boats and displacement hulls (ablation rate will increase with speed). It is not suitable for use on aluminium hulls, outboard motors, sail drives or stern legs.

    • Suitable for: fibreglass, gelcoat, steel, wooden and ferro-cement
    • Coverage: 6.7 m2 per litre (one coat = 12 months on average)
    • Recommend number of coats: 2 coats (150 microns wet to obtain 75 microns dry)
  • Minimum time until recoat: 4 Hrs @ 25°C