Altex Primer sgle pot timber primer


Altex Yacht & Boat MultiPurpose Primer is a versatile single pack primer designed for use on many different substrates, both above and below the waterline.

    • As a water resistant economical primer over suitably prepared steel, lead, wood and GRP.
    • As both an above and below the waterline primer for trailerable and even moored boats that have antifouling on require a barrier undercoat. (multiple coats if using as a barrier coat under anti fouling)
    • As a versatile primer for all single component systems
  • To seal single pack putties

Altex MultiPurpose Primer may be overcoated with:

    • Altex No.5 and No.10 antifoulings
    • Pettit Vivid® Antifouling
    • Altex Surfacer Undercoat
    • Altex Regatta® Gloss Enamel


    • Versatile single component primer for most substrates above and below the waterline
    • Rapid dry time
    • Unique resin and pigment blend provides unparalleled protection to suitably prepared steel, wood and GRP, as well as sanded aged coatings
    • Provides a “stand alone”, multi-coat underwater protective system requiring only anti-fouling to complete the job
    • Suitable for all areas of hull on trailer and moored vessels