Altex Undercoat Sgle Pot Surfacer Altex


Like most undercoats it is designed to be a barrier and key coat over existing paint if working on an already painted boat. 

If you are doing a new project on a trailerable wooden boat then the standard Primer then undercoat and 2-3 top coats is the normal on trailerable craft.  Altex names for these single pot (oil based products) are :

Multi-purpose primer - Altex

Surfacer Undercoat - Altex

Regatta Topcoat - Altex

(Moored boats require heavier undercoats suitable for being underwater for long stretches, ask us for help if that is the case)

It can be used: 

  • As a surfacing and build coat in the Single Component topsides marine paint system.
  • As an adhesion/surfacing coat directly to suitably prepared fibre-glass gel-coat.
  • Direct to suitably prepared and sealed timber for cabin interiors.
  • As a tie coat and upgrade on existing sound enamel finishes after correct preparation.


  • Proven performance over many years in all above water applications
  • Good long term sandability
  • Excellent long term re-coatability with itself
  • May be used direct on suitably prepared gel-coat
  • Good cure response and sandability make Altex Surfacer Undercoat an excellent surfacing medium to cover minor scratches etc

Altex Boat Undercoat Surfacer is designed for use in above water areas only.