Anti Skid Synthetic Teak Style Decking


This synthetic teak style decking is a closed cell foam deck tread designed specifically to be hard wearing, easy to maintain and stain resistant. It is UV protected, made from closed cell PE or EVA.

Produced for the marine environment - each sheet comes backed with a 3M adhesive which makes installation easy, simply peel and stick.

Designed to be installed in panels and leaving a 10-12mm gap between them, thus allowing for expansion and contraction of both the material and the substrait that you are sticking to (possibly fibreglass, aluminium, timber, paint).  It is not suitable for glueing edge to edge, sheet by sheet, or strip by strip as the expansion and contraction encountered always varies.


    • anti slip
    • noise reducing
    • shock absorbing
Sheet size: 2050mm x 1030mm x 6mm

Price is per sheet

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