Ball hinge Taco



Stainless Steel
Type 316

Taco Marine introduces the Intelli-Hinge a patented hinge that offers manufacturers unprecedented design flexibility.

The design features an integrated ball-and-socket pivot point permitting pivoting on concave, convex and multiple plane surfaces. This design offers the ability to hinge from any two sides, unlike conventional hinges limited by a fixed axis.

The Intelli-Hinge meets any requirements for unique applications such as curved hatches, seats, anchor lockers, transom doors, engine compartments, under seat storage and ski lockers. In specific applications, the hinge also has removable features.

Additionally, the design is self lubricating, preventing corrosion and galling, and eliminates “rattling”.

The Intelli-Hinge is made of corrosion-resistant marine grade stainless steel, it features low profile, European styling sure to enhance any boat.

Features and Benefits

    • Cast stainless steel
    • Integrated ball and socket pivot point allows pivoting on concave, convex and multiple-plane surfaces
    • Offers 20º range of motion
    • Hinges from any two sides, unlike conventional fixedaxis hinges
    • Low-profile Euro styling enhances the look of any boat
  • Polished Stainless Steel Type 316 and Delrin insert prevent corrosion, galling and eliminates rattling
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