Victron Blue smart Battery Charger 4 or 7 AMP (12V)


The Blue Smart IP65 Charger A battery charger with Bluetooth built in! This enables you to see the information from your charger on your smartphone or computer.  

Even if you touch the terminals of the battery charger together it does not spark.

It is Water, dust and chemical resistant

It has a Seven step smart charge algorithm that goes in and tests your battery automatically, assesses if it needs full medium or trickle charge.

You can leave it on your isolated battery full time and it will not over charge, it simply goes in tests and if it needs charging will automatically activate and charge accordingly.  By the same token if it is fully charged it simply tests and shuts down.

Automatic power supply function

Automatic compensation for high or low temperature

Several other battery life enhancing features

Low power mode to charge smaller batteries

Li-ion battery mode available

Comes with Connect Clamps and M8 Eyelet Connector

Comes in 12V/7amps OR 12v/4amps