Cutlass Bearing Sleeves Phonelic Outer


Phonelic Cutlass Bearings, Imperial Sizes only. With this product, near enough is not good enough, if you have a metric, (and that is unusual if you are a NZ, Australian or Usa vessel) please contact us for metric pricing and availability. (generally only european vessels).

The outer shell of a Cutlass bearing is manufactured from either corrosive resistant naval brass or phenolic (man made resin mix). The phenolic shell has the advantage of being lighter than the brass and it prevents galvanic corrosion.

These bearings are engineered to meet the toughest service requirements in the corrosive and abrasive marine applications.

The fluted rubber bearing surface will outlast hard surface bearings by up to 10 times.

All units meet US Navy specifications and are designed to meet the requirements of the American Bureau of Shipping.

These bearings are specially designed for water lubricated stern tubes and the nitrile lining gives the bearing a high resistance to abrasion, oil and solvents, whilst providing effective noise and vibration insulation.

The marine bearings are fluted for maximum water lubrication.

The design of the bearings guarantees a long life cycle, smooth operation and a minimum of friction.

Standard Imperial Dimensions are

Shaft Size Imperial  x  Outside diameter of Bearing x Overall Length - while we have listed some sizes, there are a number of variations available ( and this will alter prices down and upwards) so if you do not see your size listed here, simply call us or email to have your size added. 



For other and metric sizes please contact us to check availability. Contact us