Belt Driven Impeller Pump 3/8"outlets compact - small


Johnson of Sweden heavy duty impeller pump designed to be belt driven with a pulley (not included) mounted on the shaft  as this has to match your motor revs. Bronze housing with stainless steel shaft mounted on permanently lubricated double ball bearings. F4B-8

The style of this pump allows it to produce between 11 Litres /minute at 700rpm and 28 Litres / minute at 2000rpm. (back pressure will adjust this also) While it has 3/8 BSP internal threads, you can fit ½” (12.5mm) hose tails to it to produce ½”flow, by using a 3/8”- ½” tail.  We have these available as an option if required.

incorporates 3/8"shaft with a flat on it for pulley

110mm long (including shaft)

80mm wide (without hose tails)

90mm high (from base mount to top of pump)

As a general guide impeller pumps have max revs of 1800 rpm so of course pulley size is required to gear down the speed from your motor max revs. Flexible impeller pumps provide an efficient solution to most raw water pumping needs , they are also self priming.

These pumps are ideal as cooling water pumps for marine engines, bilge pumps, fresh water pumps, fuel transfer pumps (not to be used on petrol) and other applications. 

The pumps can pass fairly large solids without clogging or damaging the pumps.  Johnson Pump engine cooling pumps are designed to the demands of engine manufacturers and are built to take rough treatment. Fits Arona, Farymann, Fischer Panda, some Volvo, various Yanmar and more. Bronze body, Neoprene impeller and mechanically sealed. 

3/8" BSP outlet size