Binocular Auto Focus with Compass


These marine binoculars are a essential to boating as they are floating, waterproof and fog-proof.

The standard magnification and field of vision is 7 x 50 which makes every clear that you look at.

Using latest automatic focus (automatically adjusts to suit your vision and compensates immediately) ,makes it the most simple set of binoculars as anyone can pick them up and use them with out having to change any settings on them.

These binoculars incorporates a compass which is fully integrated with a range finder. There is also a switch for internally an illuminated compass.

They are built out of a rubber-armoured metallic body so that it prevents damaging the binoculars when they might be dropped.

It comes with a unique carry bag, along with eye caps to get the lens clean, a floating neck strap and a lens cleaning cloth.

They are 200mm x 150mm, weighing only 890g and come in the colour black/navy

They have a field of view 132 @1000m