Auto-Focus Binoculars 7 x 50 (standard marine size)


Automatic focus - if you haven't used a pair before, the convenience and the clarity are really top notch. 

At the time we first tried them out,  one of my eyes was short sighted while the other was not, first inclination is to take your spectacles off (and you can - they work either way) holding them up to my eyes both eyes were in focus matching immediately, the Auto-focus binoculars do actually automatically correct unmatched vision and show you a clear picture.  Then putting on my glasses, the same result, clear and precise vision. It does it in parts of a second - I have no idea how the optics work, but we were really glad they do.

The next huge benefit we found, was every Dr Tom Dick and Captain Harry want to use the binoculars and with luck they throw them by the helm, before they were always out of focus when they really were needed for trying to see if it was a rock awash or a dolphin.  Now,  regardless of whomever calls for the binoculars they immediately focus to suit the bearers eyes - invaluable. 

No need to adjust, maintains a sharp focus at all depths of field.

Comes with padded bag.

Standard marine magnification - 7 x magnification  and 50mm diameter lenses. (7x50)