Inspection Hatches white,grey or black (6 sizes)


Sportelli Hatches are manufactured in ASA plastic with unique honeycomb reinforcing under the lid for extra strength and textured no slip surface on the top.

They are available in black, grey or white plus two of the sizes are available with a key lock and the lids hinge back the full 180 degrees.

The Hatches are supplied with two hinge options one allows the hatch lid to be removed which can be a benefit especially when loading gear into a locker or for gaining easier access.

If the Lid gets damaged or broken it can be replaced without having to remove the mounting frame saving a lot of time and effort.

Overall:                      Cut out:                         Part number 

 373 x 270mm           290 x 190mm                   (11511)

 373 x 373mm           290 x 290mm                    (11512)

 440 x 315mm           356 x 231mm                    (11513)

 513 x 458mm           430 x 374mm                    (11514)

 606 x 243mm           525 x 157mm                    (11515)

 606 x 357mm           523 x 274mm                    (11516)