Blue Smart IP65 Charger


The 12V 10AMP Blue smart charger is the wireless solution utilising Bluetooth to communicate the voltage and current input into your battery directly to your phone.

Blue smart charger optimises performance by monitoring temperature, adjusting voltage and current accordingly to maximize efficiency. This feature offers protection against overheating. (and consequent boiling)

Blue smart charger uses an adaptive 6-stage charge algorithm: test - bulk - absorption - recondition - float - storage which optimises the charging process relative to the way the battery is being used.  It enables the battery charger to be hooked up permanently without damaging the charge or the battery.

This charger also offers a fully discharger battery recovery function which will auto initiate even if that battery has been discharged to zero volts.

Blue smart charger has a NIGHT and LOW setting that reduces the maximum current to 50% further protecting batteries from over charge. 

With an efficiency of 94%, these chargers produce 4 times less heat than the industry standard. 

Many more features!!!


230V AC (AUS/NZ)

Dimensions (h x w x d):

235  x 108 x 65 mm