Boat protection Coat HP AUT


This extra high quality premium coating seals and protects all painted & gel coated surfaces. Autosol Marine Protection Coating slows the effects of environmental influences like algae forming. This is a German made product and often asked for by our high finished craft worthy for the work of superyachts and launches.  

At industry standard quality hydrophobic (water repelling) particles are infused in a modern synthetic sealant work to reduce friction gliding through the water. Because the water cant stick as well this will help prologue and reduce salt residues and other buildup that would need antifouled back off. 

It will leave a like new finish to your vessel ready for the raw elements of the ocean. As this is a hidden gem we import, next time your vessel is in the haul out yard make sure this is at the ready.



High performance Marine Protection Coating seals and protects all varnished and fiberglass gelcoat surfaces against many environmental factors and weather influences. The seal creates a hydrophobic surface that repels rain and sea water. The formation of salt and water stains is minimized.

High Performance Marine Protection Coating slows algae formation by sealing the surface with a thin UV protection layer. The high-tech nanoparticles and highly hydrophobic polymers with modern synthetic sealant enhance the gloss and extend the life of the surface.
• Increases and maintains gloss
• Water repellent
• Reduces algae attachment
• UV protection