Bowrider Boat Cover



Bowrider Boat Cover

This Bowrider Boat Cover Specially designed to fit the shape of bowrider boats, the Bowrider Cover allows you to store and transports your boat easily and securely.
    • Specially designed to fit bowrider-style boats

    • Wide cut and tailored to fit across windscreen

    • Heavy-Duty cover, ideal for short- or long-term storage

    • Fits boats with bow-rails up to 150mm in height and windscreens up to 600mm in height

  • Rated for highway towing use up to 100km/h
Available in 6 sizes (measurements refer to boat length)

4.7 - 5.0m (M14133A)

5.0 - 5.3m (M14133AA)

5.3 - 5.6m (M14133)

5.6 - 5.9m (M14133AB)

5.9 - 6.3m (M14133B)

6.3 - 6.7m (M14133C)