Brights Braid Polyester, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm ( 6 sizes )


Brights Braid.

Braided polyester core and cover make a strong, UV and abrasion resistant rope.

Popular for sheet, halyards and control lines on Sail boats.  Also used as high standard mooring lines at jetties occasionally as they are less prone to squeaking in the night.

This rope is the same as our Commodore range, but comes in solid colours. Ultra soft and remains so.

Ultra bright solid colours available - red, green, blue, fluorescent pink, purple, orange and black.

mm sizes refer to outside diameter and depending on the lay may vary + or - 1mm

Other Colours and sizes may be available to find out just Contact us

Prices are per metre, spools attract a discount and are 100m long.

Available /m & /100m.

As a guide only, breaking strains are :

6mm - 700kg

8mm - 1250kg

10mm - 1800kg

12mm - 2600kg

14mm - 3100kg


These are our guidelines for the length of halyards:

Main halyard Mast length x 2.5
Genoa/ Yankee halyard Mast length x 2.5 For fractional rig: mast length x 2
Spinnaker/ Gennaker halyard Mast length x 2.5
Toppinglift Mast length x 2.5 For fractional rig: mast length x 2


These are our guidelines for the length of sailing sheets:

Main sheet Boom length x (purchase +1)
Genoa sheet Boat length x 1-1.5
Yankee sheet Boat length x 1.5-2
Spinnaker guy / tackline Boat length x 1.5-2
Spinnaker / Gennaker sheet Boat length x 2-2.5

Control lines

These are our guidelines for control lines for sailing boats: 

Outhaul Boom length x 2
Boom vang Boom length x 2
Cunningham Boom length x 1
Genoa lead Rail length x (purchase +1)
Traveller Rail length x (purchase +1)
Spi pole lift Mast length x 2
Spi pole down Boat length x 1.5
Reefing lines - reef 1 Boom length x 2.5
Reefing lines - reef 2 Boom length x 3
Furlerline headsail Boat length + length of the foot
Preventer Boat length x 1.5
Towing line Minimal boat length x 5

Mooring lines and anchor rode

For mooring lines we advise to take one-and-a-half times the boat length. Of course, this also depends on your personal preference. Often you would have at least two mooring lines of one-and-a-half times the boat length and two mooring lines of one boat length on board. For your home marina, we often splice the mooring lines customized to the dimensions of the berth. You can protect these mooring lines with a chafing cover or a stainless steel thimble at critical points.

Mooring line Boat length x 1.5
Anchor rode Maximum water depth x 5